Meet the Artist

Mama Bear/Founder of Mama Bears Designs
    Hi there, I am Adrienne, I am the Owner/Founding Mama Bear of Mama Bears Designs. I grew up as a middle child of four and seemed to always go unnoticed, so I started to express myself through clothes and music.  I started designing my own clothes when I was in elementary school and borrowed my Grandma's sewing machine to piece together old pieces of clothes to make them into something new again, something better, something different.
    I enjoy music as well, it helps me to express myself through song, I not only play guitar, and sing, but I write my own songs as well, it's something that I have done since I was young.  I just bought a guitar and am taking it up again. I am that person that will belt it out in the shower when your jam comes on!  And I have a few!
    I am a very happy, outgoing individual with something always on the go.  When I'm not spending time making memories with my children, you can find me in the mountains camping, fishing and hiking, or on the climbing wall or watching my fiance play hockey. In fact our inspiration for Mama Bears Designs come from the memories we've made from our adventures outdoors.  Mama Bears Designs is my pride and joy, second to my family, and I am excited to begin this journey with you!