The Starting of Mama Bears Designs



I am looking forward to taking this journey with all of you, but what kind of a journey would it be if it didn't start at the very beginning. I am very excited to share with you how Mama Bears Designs came to be.

I've always thought of myself as a very creative person, and try to express it the best I can.  In 2020 the year of Covid-19, a lot happened.  I had to take leave from my job, that I eventually ended up not returning to because of Covid closures, and stay home with my kids and home school them through the rest of the first Covid school year.  It was a big change on everyone, being shut in the house all the time, not being able to go see friends and family or do every day normal life things.

It's hard to beat down the seasonal depression on it's own, but add in the second shut down of schools around Christmas, which had everyone stressed out over the holidays on whether or not we would have to be stuck at home, doing schooling with our kids once again, when the break was over.  Stressing about losing yet another job because of all the Covid closures that the government of Alberta kept enforcing.

I kid you not when I say it takes a toll on everyone's mental health when every time you get close to that ever blurring line of what normal is, there's another shut down and the depression in everyone kicks in yet again.

We went on a lot of fishing and camping adventures in 2020 and will continue to do so in 2021 with all the closures still being in affect.  We tried to keep everyone's attitude upbeat and happy.  We did what we could to provide for our family and make the best of the craziness of 2020/21.

We started looking into possibly doing one of the collaborations with other businesses on Instagram, that had been bothering us all over our page, to try and make an income that way.  I quickly gave up on that, as I didn't have the following for that, and found it difficult to sell something I wasn't passionate about.  I figured if I couldn't even sell it to myself after I received the product, because of the quality, or something, then I definitely couldn't try and push this on what little followers I had at the time.

We looked into doing drop shipping and took some online courses, and signed up for a lot of zoom meetings and tried to make a go at that as well, but again I couldn't find something that I was passionate enough about to be able to have it feel like it was mine.  I don't know if that makes sense, but I was searching for something that I could make my own. Something I could call my own and be proud to sell to others.

I paired up with my fiances business and started building a following in the online fly fishing industry.  I started bringing more attention to his business, doing giveaways to gain followers, but also to gain exposure for his business. I started taking his product photos for his website, and really enjoyed taking the photos and editing them afterwards to make his website look really professional. I helped him with a lot of the behind the scenes stuff, like the messy accounting business type things and he inspired me to find what I'm passionate about and make it my own.

I finally felt like I was contributing something to our family, and felt like I was getting closer to finding something for myself to do, to help provide for my family as well.  I loved the idea of being an entrepreneurial family, and stressed to find what I could make my own.  One day I was talking to him about how I enjoyed helping a friend in high-school make t shirts for his band to sell at their shows.

Soon after that conversation, it sparked inspiration, I did some research to remind myself on the proper procedures of everything. I watched a lot of YouTube videos and did a lot of research before making any decisions and making any purchases. I like to shop discounts, and get deals, so this took a long time for me to source out the proper places to purchase my big time itemsI  neededl.I was so inspired that once my creative juices started I was having a hard time reigning them in.  I kept adding to what I also wanted to add to my website.  I had so many ideas that I couldn't make them all work together.  I knew I had to narrow it down to a couple of ideas that worked well together.  I didn't need to fail even before I began.

Once I could settle my mind I decided I was going to start a Stickers/Decals and handmade jewellery shop. Where I pulled my inspiration from all our trips we went on and all the memories we make as a family. I am super excited to begin this journey with all of you and hope that I can continue to be inspired and continue to create.