The Journey So Far

When we first started out, not even a year ago, we had a clear vision of what we wanted Mama Bears Designs to be. We're passionate about anything outdoors, camping, hiking, climbing, fly fishing, etc. And we based our business around our passions. 

We designed all our pieces with certain outdoor adventures in mind. And we continue to make more with our continued adventures. 
Along the way though, we branched out into graphic designing for other businesses. We helped design their business logos, business cards, thank you cards, decals, and promo stickers. 
We never seen this coming, but we seem to be getting more work for custom graphic design work. And couldn't be happier. I'm a very artistic individual, always have been, and enjoy helping others visions come to reality. 
I'll be honest, I have not gone to school to be a graphic designer, I am self taught in a lot of the programs that I use to design your logos. It was a lot of work along the way, a lot of research, a lot of YouTube videos and tutorials galore! I'll confess, it's not the direction I had ever seen MBD going, but I am definitely not upset about it. I enjoy a challenge, and having to learn all the programs and equipment needed for every aspect of my business was a challenge I will gladly do over again and again.  I am continuously upgrading my knowledge and skills and trying to improve to better serve our customers and clients.
I like being creative and artistic, and this aspect of the business allows me to be super creative. MBD is now your ONE STOP SHOP for all your business needs. We'll help you design your business logo, be it a new business needing a logo, or an existing business that wants to do a revamp. We'll help you bring your vision into reality. Then we'll help you with all your swag/merchandise. By slapping your logo on promo stickers, making window decals, doing up business and thank you cards. And if you're up for it we'll supply you with your custom logo apparel. From t-shirts, to sweaters, pants, hats and tote bags. We can help you with all your merchandise needs. 
Let's work together and bring your vision into reality. Reach out through the website or on any of our social media platforms if you're needing custom graphic design work. Check out the website for all the graphic design work we now offer: Text-based logo design, Image-based logo design, Submark logo design, Promo sticker designs and business and thank you card designs. It's all listed and goes into a lot more detail on the website of what each category entails. Have a look, I'm sure we can help you out!